Sandler Architects LLC translates Seattle’s rich stylistic vocabulary and majestic landscapes into innovative custom homes, able remodels and functional corporate environments that embrace each client’s personal vision and budget. Our approach is a mesh of structure, interior design, furnishing and landscaping that compliments, defines, rejuvenates and excites. Whether the scope of work calls for city-slick corporate digs, a comfortable family retreat, custom home, or the restoration of a building from an era gone by, Sandler’s focus remains a fusion of styles, forms and disciplines as diverse as Seattle itself.

At first glance, defining “Sandler Style” might seem difficult, mainly because the very nature of our projects is so thoroughly custom. As you page through Sandler designs presented here, you will see a great diversity of styles, feelings and textures: everything from sparce to complex, from carefree to contemplative, from rustic to sophisticated. Indeed, Sandler Architects LLC seeks to indulge each client’s fantasy. Be it Old World and romantic, rustic and rooted in Northwest traditions, or white-washed, open and contemporary, each project begins with a careful attentiveness to the client’s preference for activity, color, space, light and lifestyle, as well as with a deference to the site, its views and conventions.

If there’s anything constant throughout this portfolio, it is a clarity of purpose, an apt definition of space, enlivened light and an accentuation of detail that Sandler Architects LLC brings to every challenge. We hope you will enjoy exploring some of our selected offerings here at our web site and that you will contact us for a consultation.